Must-Know Things When Assigned an Education Essay Paper Topic

By | 2019-09-27

Occasionally, we are assigned education essay paper topics by our instructors. We might jump into doing the paper because we feel it is easy. However, there are important things we will always have trouble with, and we will need help with them always. In this article, you will get answers to multiple questions you have been asking yourself about writing an education essay paper. Some of the things include:

  • What the professor is looking for
  • How to organize your paper
  • Coming up with ideas for your paper
  • Writing a strong thesis statement
  • Creating transition through your education essay paper
  • Editing your essay paper like a professional

Knowing What the Instructor Is Looking For

The answer to this is in the material the professor handed you when assigning you a paper, “the rubric”. Do this on the day the paper has been assigned. Go through the material and understand what the professor wants. This means that you need to write to the rubric of the professor and with the end mind. Work on your anchor statement so that you stay on the course every time you feel you have drifted from the research topic. Assess the rubric for the marking points and pay attention to the appeals of the professor.

How to Organize Your Paper

The first thing you need to do is to settle down. When you are seated, then you are good to start. What follows is organizing yourself by scheduling your work, setting goals that do not leave you open-minded, or procrastinating your paper. The idea is to stay committed to the paper until completion.

Coming Up With Ideas for Your Paper

When you know what your professor needs and how to organize the paper, you need to generate ideas that will anchor on your topic. A common method of achieving this is known as mind mapping. Mind mapping is where you freely branch ideas out of the main topic. At the end of mind mapping, you will realize that you came up with ideas and even ended up far from the topic. This is good because from here you can choose the ideas that are very specific to your main point.

Writing a strong thesis statement

Writing a good thesis statement needs you to organize your paper around a topic. This means that you need to start by understanding your research topic. As you do this, you need to think about how you will organize your arguments around the thesis statement. Depending on the information you have, you will know whether the thesis statement is a representation of the arguments you will make throughout your paper.


Creating Transition Through Your Education Paper

Your paper needs to flow smoothly. You can do this by creating a transition within your education paper. Foremost, establish the relationship between the various parts of your paper. Secondly, make a connection between the different arguments in your writing to the central argument of your paper.

Editing Your Education Paper

Here, there are two things you need to do. The revision comes first followed by the editing. The revision should enable you to tighten and clarify the elements of your paper. This is followed by editing for grammar, usage, and mechanics. Once these two things have been done, you need to give the essay to someone else to read through. You can then do your final read to clean things up and conclude by checking your copy against the professor’s rubric.


From the above, you have answers to the most important questions about writing any education essay paper you will ever need. You now know what the instructor is looking for and how to organize your paper. You know how to generate ideas for your essay topic and how to make your thesis statement. Moreover, how to create transition throughout your writing and to edit your paper like a pro.