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Social Contract

Naturally, every person has freedom to do whatever they wish. However, people are forced to sacrifice some of their freedoms in order to comply with the general needs. People only accept to voluntarily ignore some of their freedoms when they enter a civil society in which the general will dictates everything. The general will also… Read More »

About Google

Google is one of the big tech company that has committed significant amounts of resources to conserve the environment and enhance social welfare. The company’s investments in workplace transport demonstrates its commitment to environmental conservation. Google has gone an extra mile by motivating its employees to support its green incentives. Employees working for the tech… Read More »

Gender Roles

In the fairy tale stories, we see a clear illustration of the traditional duties of women. For example, in the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the queen is seen to stay at home cooking and doing other household chores like knitting. Women are portrayed as obedient beings to their husbands and ought to… Read More »