About Google

By | 2019-04-17

Google is one of the big tech company that has committed significant amounts of resources to conserve the environment and enhance social welfare. The company’s investments in workplace transport demonstrates its commitment to environmental conservation. Google has gone an extra mile by motivating its employees to support its green incentives. Employees working for the tech giant earn digital stamps from using cycling, walking or using a pogo to work. The digital stamps are redeemable in the form of charity donations to the employee’s charity of choice. Employees are motivated to opt for environmentally friendly transport options to help others. Google is also rewarding its employees who install solar panels in their residential homes. The idea is to provide discounts to employees who support Google’s campaign to offer sustainable power.

Google’s green incentives are unique as they first target the employees as opposed to the conventional practice of targeting consumers. Most organizations would not invest as heavily in their employees as Google has, and will justify their actions with the impact on revenues. Most organizations will only invest in programs and operations that will result in an increase in revenue. Google’s approach in promoting sustainable operations is more genuine and effective compared to others. By using its employees, Google demonstrates that its commitment to the environment is not a marketing gimmick. The strategy seeks to embed sustainability in the workplace culture.

As one of the biggest technology company, Google’s management is aware that green innovations will be critical to its future performance. It only makes sense to create an environmentally friendly workplace if the company is to deliver the said green innovations. The green initiatives also help Google maintain its qualified base. The majority of Google’s workforce are in the millennial generation. The generation is committed to environmental conservation, and hence less likely to leave an organization that embraces and practices sustainability.