7 Steps To Find & Hire The Right Freelance Copywriter

By | 2022-07-19

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7 Steps To Find & Hire The Right Freelance Copywriter

7 steps to hire freelance copywriter how to hire a great copywriter

Well-written copywriting is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Whether you are a business owner growing your company or startup or a marketing director looking to fill in the gaps when you hire a freelance copywriter.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to get found in search engines and engage with your customers like never before. Your target audience is on the go, and you need content that engages and sells readers to drive more sales and boost ROI.

You can’t get by with mediocre content like you could in the past. Search engines and people have learned how to look past the B.S. and are drawn to content that creates a lasting impression and meets your customers’ needs.

OPTION 2 ($): Find someone just starting out, and train them.

Hire a copywriting apprentice

Find someone starting out in the workforce, and train them. These people are just starting and have little experience, so they’re going to be cheap, but it will take some time to train them. The other downside is they may still be terrible even after you train them.

I’ve gotta admit I’ve had varied experience with this. Sometimes you find a diamond in the rough, and sometimes they just stay. rough. By best advice is to find a person who ALREADY WRITES A BLOG. This way they’ve pre-proven they already like to make content, and they’re probably eager to get better. You can train these people in sales copy by buying them copywriting courses and books and getting them to write more articles, or training them yourself.

Look for people who have a blog already and love to write. Look for people who’ve done some writing before for previous jobs. Search Facebook groups in your niche.

“Hey there! I run a big copywriting blog and business here in town, and want to get someone new on board as a junior copywriter. If you already love writing, and are curious to learn from a well-known copywriter, leave a comment below with your blog or sample writing. It doesn’t matter what niche. I’m just making sure you already love to write 🙂 Sincerely, Neville Medhora – Kopywriter


This option might get you a great writer, but it also might get you a crappy one who can never get better. You may have to expect to cycle through 3 people before you find a hidden gem.

I think another thing you will have to expect is this: If this person gets a lot of attention for their writing after you train them well, they WILL eventually start to ask for more money or start taking side-gigs. and around this time there’s a good chance they may want to leave.

OPTION 4 ($$): Find someone who writes the way you like, and pay them.


Whoever writes your favorite blog posts or your whoever writes your favorite emails. You probably have 1 – 3 websites or email newsletters you always read. Identify those people, then reach out asking if they do consulting.

A world class copywriter will not only type words, but will use their experience with their own business and experience with other clients to craft a message for you, tell you when to send that copy, how to style it, which audience it should go to, and overall business strategy.

How to Get the Best Results From Your Copywriter…

However, there are a few reliable indicators that will tell you if your new hire is giving their all. As well as a few things you can do to keep things heading in the right direction…

Answer Their Questions in as Much Depth as Possible

Don’t Micromanage

Chances are you know your business like the back of your hand and so that vital input at the start is SUPER important. However, you’re paying for your copywriter’s expertise… So respect it. If they come to you with some suggestions, consider them.

Introduce the Copywriter to Team Members

This usually works if the copywriter needs to get oriented on other factors of the project. For example, if a different person is assigned to the layout of a Sales Page, you might want to introduce them to the Page Designer and/or the whole Sales Funnel Team.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cost (You Get What You Pay For)

Investing your money in a GREAT copywriter will be the best decision you’ll ever make in realizing your marketing goals. Pay your copywriter well and you’ll find that getting a 5x to 10x return is a fairly likely result.

Provide Good Feedback

Do Automated Copywriting Apps Work?

There are several AI-powered copywriting apps on the market these days. While they don’t get the results that a real human would, they do provide a decent framework to follow when writing copy.

Funnel Scripts was created by Jim Edwards & Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels) who are both very well-known copywriters. It will create great frameworks for a copywriter to follow however it requires a lot of re-writing.

CopyPro was created by Jon Benson, a well-known and highly experienced copywriter. He has preloaded email sequences for almost anything you could think of (webinars, product launches, application funnels, and much more). Frameworks like these are important if you’re considering writing copy yourself.

While it is a great idea for business owners to get good at copywriting – it takes a long time. If you’re a marketing professional, it might be advantageous for you. Otherwise, the cost of having the wrong copy is much greater than just hiring a professional copywriter.

If you have the extra time, energy, and creativity to write your copy, give these apps a try. Be aware though, that writing persuasive and converting copy can’t be learned overnight, and many will tell you… It’s a LOT harder than it looks.

For those looking to build a sales funnel or automate their email marketing hiring a Sales Copywriter is a great investment. It might be the BEST investment you could make when it comes to marketing your product or service.