What is a Vision Statement? 100 Vision Statement Examples

What is a Vision Statement? 100+ Vision Statement Examples The vision statement is the north star of your overall company strategy, it is where you want to be as a business in the future. A good vision statement acts as motivation for employees and provides guidance on long-term goal setting. Thibault Mesqui, MD at Heineken… Read More »

7 Steps To Find & Hire The Right Freelance Copywriter

7 Steps To Find & Hire The Right Freelance Copywriter Well-written copywriting is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Whether you are a business owner growing your company or startup or a marketing director looking to fill in the gaps when you hire a freelance copywriter. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to get… Read More »

Successful business

And why not? These days, a personal business can be run from just about anywhere. You just need a dream and a smartphone with a decent data connection, and you can turn your nugget of an idea into pure gold. 10 Most Profitable Companies in the World Matthew Johnston has more than 5 years writing… Read More »

Marketing Insider Group

What is content marketing? As IMPACT’s Content Manager, she works closely with the Director of SEO to identify targeted content and organic search opportunities. On a day-to-day basis, she is writing lots of new content and revamping old, making sure all evergreen content aligns with IMPACT’s core philosophies (especially those outlined in Marcus Sheridan’s They… Read More »

College admisions

As you learn more about what’s out there, you can break your list into three basic categories: reach, match and safety. Start by looking up the school’s profile. This will either be published on it’s website or through a third party. Using the profile, you can see average grades and test scores of the students… Read More »

How Many Tax Allowances Should I Claim?

How do you know if this might happen? One likely cause is if you receive significant income reported on Form 1099, which is used for interest, dividends, or self-employment income on which you have not yet paid taxes. Or, you may be still working but receiving pension benefits from a previous job or Social Security… Read More »

What Does a Content Marketer Do?

Once a content marketing plan has been flushed out, content marketing managers can now plot deadlines for creation, publication, and promotion on a content calendar so the whole marketing team can see at a glance what content is planned for the coming weeks and months. What Does a Digital Marketer Do? Digital marketing is no… Read More »